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Eagle Eye Management LLC

Eagle Eye Management LLC, stationed in 985 Pico Point Colorado Springs, CO 80905, is a management consulting business that works with both medium and small sized businesses to come up with solutions to your challenges and increase your opportunities.

Project Management

Achieve your critical initiatives by planning and executing your technology and business projects.

Eagle Eye can provide project managers to carry out any technology project or business. Business projects may concern strategy execution, operations initiatives, and product development among others. Eagle Eye has a lot of experience managing technology projects on behalf of customers. Projects can be managed from inception to completion.

Appoint an experienced Agile Coach

Assign a licensed Project Manager Pro

Finish delayed Operational Projects

Assign an experienced Business Analyst


Getting Started with Eagle Eye is Simple

To get started, a member of our management consulting crew will do a free, no obligation independent assessment of your present situation and come up with a proposed course of action.

Attain the business success you deserve! In unison, we can devise solutions to your challenges and increase your opportunities.


Profitability Improvement

Do you want to increase profits?

Eagle Eye Management I LLC’s experts have developed the distinctively effective Eagle Eye Profit Acceleration Technique™ to significantly increase the profits of our customers. It’s the quickest way to identify and activate the profit potential of your business.

This distinctive technique is made up of three main components:

The development of a model of your business by our business experts and undertaking a sensitivity analysis to identify the best actions your business can take to increase growth.

The development and implementation of the tactics that will move these levels of profitability like finding more customers, executing a pricing strategy to drive client behavior, improving client relations or making operational improvements.

The execution of measures at a granular level to see what is being done is having the desired effect.

Rather than relying on the business owner to single out the changes they need help with to increase productivity, we set apart the changes that will have the most impact and then devise strategies and help customers implement them in order to increase productivity.

The process of attaining results with the Eagle Eye Profit Acceleration Technique™ begins with a free no obligation consultation by one of our senior business advisers.


The Promise of Agile Scrum

In the context of software development, the proper use of Agile Scrum has 4 major advantages over the Waterfall software development methodology:

  • Operations Optimization
  • Standardize and optimize procedures and processes
  • Devise or improve controls and processes
  • Optimize workflows

We assess your cultural and organizational readiness to become an agile organization and when the timing is right, can plan your Agile Change.

Agile Coaching

Supply a Licensed Coach

Eagle Eye has experience with a project management method and can appoint an Coach to assist with or lead a transformation to manage one or more projects.

Provide a Certified Project Manager

Eagle Eye can provide a certified Project Manager Professional to oversee a project from inception to completion or can take control of a project already underway.