Challenges and Opportunities

Whether your challenges are increasing productivity, attracting more clients, reducing expenditures, delivering services and products in a timely fashion, increasing operational efficiency, improving client relations, or strengthening a growth strategy, Eagle Eye management experts can help.



  • Productivity Improvement - Spot and achieve the profit potential of your business
  • Strategy Improvement and Implementation - Take on the winning technique that will help your organization thrive by developing and implementing a business plan, or strategic plan
  • Marketing Services - Attract more clients by developing and implementing a marketing plan or marketing strategy
  • Products and Services Price Optimization - Identify and execute the most efficient pricing plan to attract more customers
  • Operational Efficiency Improvement – Modernize business activities to reduce costs, improve customer service and reduce products and services delivery time frame by improving your scheduling, estimating, procedures, processes and workflows
  • Devise an Exit Strategy – Come up with a plan to sell your business for the most money
  • Project Management - Fulfill your critical initiatives by planning and implementing your technology and business projects

Who We Serve

As we’re in business exclusively with mid-sized and small businesses, we understand that our business experts need to quickly and cost-effectively focus on your specific combination of problems and outline practical solutions that can be implemented with the employees and financial resources at your disposal.

Industries Served

Eagle Eye Management LLC offers services to independent businesses in various industries as well as manufacturing Companies, construction companies, restaurants, entertainment companies, independent retailers, and service companies.

The Eagle Eye Profit Acceleration Technique™ is our distinctively effective revenue improvement technique. It’s simply the quickest method to increase profits.

IT Consulting

Get the info you need to manage and control your business by developing and executing a technology plan.

Eagle Eye has a lot of experience providing information technology expertise and can provide services in the following information technology areas:

Having difficulty describing you technology needs?

Once the basic need for a technology project has been identified, Eagle Eye can plan and manage the implementation of the project. Eagle Eye can develop the project plans, project schedules, and business requirements needed as part of the process. Eagle Eye can also find the most cost effective solution to the need whether that is the acquisition of packaged software or the development of custom developed software. As Eagle Eye does not represent any software makers or software development companies, the recommendation is completely objective.

Having information technology systems allow a business to:

  • Have the right info at the right time to maintain operational control
  • Have the right information to support informed management decision-making
  • Speed the development of new products or services
  • Reduce costs
  • Support a growth strategy
  • Expand market share
  • Support a change to the business strategy
  • Speed the launching of new products or services
  • Have consistently excellent customer service
  • Maintain product quality
  • Accurately track costs

Then again, getting the right balance between spending money on technology and getting a good return on that investment is crucial. This is especially true with smaller businesses, which don’t have the resources or the scale to support large technology expenditures.

Harnessing information technology is all about finding the right balance — having the right systems, with the right degree of integration, at the right cost.

Eagle Eye can perform a technology assessment and then recommend a course of action.

Get Better Intel and Reduce your Prices

In many businesses, the info required to control operations and make decisions comes from multiple info systems. Additionally, it’s mostly the case that the lack of integration between systems drives up costs and causes operational inefficiencies.

Typically this is the result of having many special purpose systems or systems that aren’t integrated and don’t work jointly. The result is the lack of information for decision-making, the lack of information to control operations, and higher costs than needed as a result of work processes that need manual transfer of data.

Eagle Eye can undertake a technology assessment and can then devise and implement solutions to resolve this situation.

  • These includes helping your business to:
  • These includes helping your business to:
  • Devise and implement a technology strategy
  • Devise and implement a technology strategy
  • Conceive, explain and manage technology projects
  • Conceive, explain and manage technology projects
  • Overcome integration challenges from a merger or acquisition
  • Overcome integration challenges from a merger or acquisition