Marketing Plan


Marketing Plan Development and Execution

A marketing plan is a document that interprets the marketing strategy into the actions to be taken to market services or products. Eagle Eye marketing experts can work with your business to improve the marketing plan you already have or create a new one.

Eagle Eye has devised a 5-step process to develop an effective marketing plan.

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Business Valuation

If you’re considering selling your business anytime in the future, you’ve maybe thought about how much money you would like to get for it. The first question to take into account is how much would somebody on the outside be willing to pay? Eagle Eye can do a business valuation to determine that. We can use several methods but most often a valuation based on business profitability makes the most sense. If your business has a lot of prized assets then an asset value basis might be more appropriate.

1Exit Strategy
If the valuation you get from Eagle Eye is below what you need or want, then Eagle Eye can come up with an exit strategy that seeks to increase the value of your business and develop all of the other features a company needs to be attractive. Nevertheless, you’ve worked long and hard and you deserve the most money you can get.
2Making a Business Attractive and Building Business Value

The initial step is to increase profitability and cash flow. We use the Eagle Eye Profit Acceleration Method for this. Once we know what we’ve to do, we devise programs to make that a reality.

The next step is to organize your business so that it can run without you. This means that all the things you do, need to be able to be done by somebody else. These tasks need to be completed to create the same end product, with the same quality and at a cost that is the same or lower than it is now.

For this, jobs need to be formalized, authority delegated, financial records accurate, processes written down, technology in place to provide transparency to operations, quality, etc. You may even have to shift some of your employees around or hire somebody with the missing skills.